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In many ways, Canada’s immigration policies cater to employers wanting to develop and grow their businesses. Obtaining work permits for foreign workers can be complicated, but it is nevertheless a structured process that can be easily achieved with the help of licensed immigration professionals. 

Employers wanting to hire foreign workers have many options. For example, most foreign workers in Canada have job-specific work permits supported by international mobility programs negotiated through free trade or reciprocal exchanges. Canada also provides work permits through multiple permanent residency streams. In addition to national immigration programs such as express entry, provinces also support employers through their provincial nomination process. The above programs are usually LMIA-exempt, however the majority of job vacancies in Canada are considered low-skilled and would require an LMIA. 

Most often, employers wishing to hire overseas workers will be required to undertake a labour market impact assessment (LMIA), a process administered by Service Canada. With an approval from the department of Employment and Social Development Canada, Immigration Canada can support the issuance of an employer-specific work permit which can be valid for 2-3 years. To find out more about LMIA, please contact us or fill out our form for employers.

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