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Outside Canada's cities, a raw and vast territory exists. Across the country, many rural communities struggle to attract and retain people to their areas. With an aging demographic and seasonal or resource-based economies, many people prefer the stability of year-round employment that is more readily available in larger cities. Although small-town Canada isn't as culturally diverse or as busy as its urban areas, some of the nicest people you will ever meet live there. Due to a lack of competition, the opportunities for good wages and career advancement are plentiful.  

The Atlantic Immigration Program was created to attract more people to the east coast of Canada.


The program is employer-driven and its objective is to match job seekers with designated businesses in the region.  


In principle, a candidate is eligible for residency if they have a high school education or trade, the required English test score, and one year of work experience within the last three years in the same job description as the job offer.

In practice, having the education, language ability, and job experience in the same job code is a difficult combination to meet. 

Note: NOC-D or now referred to as TEER 5 occupations are not eligible for the program and downskilling your experience to find an employment contract is not permitted.


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The RNIP is a community driven program that prioritizes regional job vacancies. The 11 regions participating in the pilot operate independently of one another and work in close collaboration with employers.


Each location has their own terms of reference, with criteria and quotas posted online. Look at the websites frequently as waiting periods and intakes differ significantly. 

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