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Boat Assembler

Boat assemblers put together wooden, fibreglass and metal boats, such as sailboats, motorboats, canoes and cabin cruisers.


  • Operate machines, use hand tools or power tools to cut, shape and fit materials to form parts and to fabricate components or products

  • Load supplies into hoppers of dispensing units or manually align, feed or otherwise place materials into machines

  • Screw, clip, glue, bond, weld or otherwise assemble parts and components to form final products

  • Sand, trim, grind or clean products into final form using hand tools

  • Clean work stations and remove scraps, dust, shavings or other by-products from machinery and surrounding areas

  • May make routine changes of dies, nozzles or other machinery attachments as required.

  • May caulk decks and hulls using caulking gun, and install trims, rudders, seats, engine mounts and other accessories using hand tools

  • May repair boats.


  • Completion of secondary school is usually required.

  • Completion of college or other courses in boat building may be required.

  • Some experience may be required.


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