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I want to hire a foreign worker

If you cannot find the people you need in Canada, we can help you find the right person abroad. There is usually an immigration program for every sector. Let us find the right strategy for you

I want to work

Thousands of people come to work in Canada every year. In some cases people are given open work permits, however, in most cases work permits are granted based on a job offer from a specific employer.


Express Entry

Express Entry relies on a points based system for selection. Education, language ability, work experience, and ties to Canada determines who is invited to apply.


Having a valid Canadian job offer greatly increases your chances of selection and success.


Provincial Nomination

Canadian Immigration programs and policies are usually decided solely by the federal government.


An exception to this rule are the provincial nomination programs. With provincial nomination, Canadian provinces are given more freedom to select their desired profiles.

If you are open to living anywhere in Canada; provincial nomination is a great option leading to residency.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project

Atlantic Canada is a beautiful coastal region that is accepting an additional 2500 new people each year.


The four maritime provinces have breathtaking seascapes. Towns are welcoming and life is very affordable.


Being accepted under the Atlantic Pilot project is employer driven but keep in mind that many semi-skilled jobs are in very high demand.


Employer Support

If you are feeling the strain of trying to run your business but you simply don't have enough people to make it work, we can help.


Once we determine your eligibility, we can assist you in getting approved for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.


Our HR team can help you find the right candidates for temporary and/or permanent positions.



My name is Marilyn Clark and I live in Halifax Nova Scotia. Originally, I am from a small island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Being from Iles-de-la Madeleine has taught me to respect the ocean and all that it provides. The isolation also pushed me to want to discover everything beyond the horizon. From the age of 17, I have travelled all over the globe. As a person, travel has made me grow, understand, and, appreciate diversity.


Accredited Canadian Immigration Consultants

Established since 2018, Port to Port Immigration Services Inc. has built a solid reputation as being an ethical immigration service provider. 



Prince Edward Island

Home to the warmest waters north of the Carolinas.

Nova Scotia

Famous for it's high tides, seafood, blueberries, and apples.

Newfoundland & Labrador

This province’s history is rich with stories and legends, explorers, and inventors.

New Brunswick

Canada's only bilingual province, 150 million oysters in the water, home of the Hopewell Rocks.



Read and know more about living in Atlantic Canada

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