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Provincial Nomination

As a federation, Canada’s central government in Ottawa determines immigration programs, policy, and, intake. To assign some flexibility to the provinces, the government has created a program option for Provincial Nomination. This immigration intake is quota based and allows provinces to set their own immigration objectives and to tailor selection criteria to meet their individual needs.

Provincial nominee programs are numerous; however, the immigration strategies of the four Atlantic provinces have many commonalities. For example, each province has an express entry system which is linked to federal express entry. Job offers, or, nomination certificates from Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland assigns points to personal profiles in the express entry pool. Once someone is nominated, they have enough points to be sent an invitation to apply to permanent residency.


In addition to express entry, each province has a skilled worker option to help persons already working in the province to reach permanent residency. If the work is considered intermediate or low skilled, the person must be working for an employer in one of the four provinces for at least six months. Usually the initial entry to these programs is through a job offer supported by a low-wage Labour Market Impact Assessment.


Within provincial nomination, each province has international graduate programs which differ slightly in their selection criteria. For example, in Prince Edward Island you must have studied in the province. In Newfoundland however, you can have studied anywhere in Canada and are eligible for PNP if you have a job offer in Newfoundland.


New Brunswick and Nova Scotia prioritize international graduates that start a business in province. Newfoundland also has a graduate entrepreneur program. These businesses can be in any sector and demand is high for people in construction and trades.


All the Atlantic region welcome investors willing to start and operate a business in their province. For persons with management experience, English skills, and the funds to start a business in Canada, this is an excellent and rewarding option.


Prospective clients should know that Atlantic Canada provides quality of life, affordability, opportunities for growth, and a reliable pathway to permanent residency.

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