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Truck Drivers & Logistics Personnel

Goods move around the world every hour of everyday. Without truck drivers, commerce would come to a standstill. For someone wanting to immigrate, driving is an option that offers good wages, adventure, and, very little investment.

​Courses to become a truck driver are only 12 weeks. This means that foreign nationals can take the program on a simple visitor visa. After only eight weeks of theory you can start on the job training. 

​Canada is regularly looking for 3000 truck drivers across the country. Atlantic Canada alone has hundreds of positions to fill.

​If you already have a truckers license, all you may need to get started is a practical exam.

​For a list of training programs and up to date jobs board, consult the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association:

New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, being the larger provinces, have hundreds of trucking companies. Although a driver may come in as a temporary foreign worker, the residency programs in these provinces will welcome your skills. English and/or French speakers will be eligible to apply for residency through provincial nomination or through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project. 

For help in job search or immigration do not hesitate to contact our team of knowledgeable professionals.

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