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Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity specialists develop, implement, monitor and maintain security measures to protect an organization's computer systems, networks and devices against unauthorized access or other potential threats.


  • Confer with clients to identify and document requirements, assess physical and technical security risks to data, software and hardware

  • Apply encryption protocols, and manage keys to ensure security of data is maintained while at rest and in transit

  • Monitor access and credentials for information and systems

  • Install, test and operate security software and tools such as anti-virus and automated threat detection/prevent systems to ensure security measures are in place and working as intended

  • Monitor for cyber attacks, intrusions and unusual, unauthorised or illegal activity

  • Plan and carry out security measures in response to cybersecurity events and incidents in accordance with an organization's incident response plan to protect information, data and systems

  • Document computer security and emergency measures policies, procedures, and tests.


  • Completion of a university or college degree in computer sciences or a related field.

  • Some experience may be required.


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