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Canada’s Express Entry was introduced in 2015 to streamline economic immigration applications into three distinct categories. The Canada Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker, and, Federal Skilled Trades allows you to create a profile and then assesses your application based on clear prerequisites, or, on CRS points.

In Express Entry work experience, family situation, age, and, education will determine whether you will be sent an invitation to apply for permanent residency.


Express Entry is generally an accelerated program that grants residency within six months. To give a brief description of the three programs, it should be noted that the Canadian Experience Class is given priority selection. This program is then followed by the Federal Skilled Worker, and, the Federal Skilled Trades.


To be part of intake for the Canadian Experience Class you must have held a skilled job in Canada for at least one year. As such, the Canadian Experience Class is the preferred residency option for those having gained Canadian experience through a post graduate work permit, or through a reciprocal open work permit.


The Federal Skilled Worker Program filters applicants through a 67 out of 100 -point entry test. If your age, language, education, and work experience meet the basic criteria you will be permitted to create a profile. Once the profile is created you will be judged on CRS points. Points will only be assigned to persons who can support their evaluation with language tests and an education credential assessment. Likewise, work experience must also be verifiable through references and a comparison of job descriptions.   

For tradespersons, the Federal Skilled Trades programs will accept profiles of people demonstrating two years of work experience. The work experience needs to be in the last five years but need not be continuous. Language requirements are less rigorous for this program and the requirement differs for listening and speaking, and, reading and writing. The federal skilled trades program is an excellent option for people attending a trade school in Canada.

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