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Why Choose Port-to-Port Immigration Services?

Who am I?

My name is Marilyn Clark and I live in Halifax Nova Scotia. Originally, I am from a small island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Being from Iles-de-la Madeleine has taught me to respect the ocean and all that it provides. The isolation also pushed me to want to discover everything beyond the horizon. From the age of 17, I have travelled all over the globe. As a person, travel has made me grow, understand, and, appreciate diversity

Why did I become an Immigration Consultant?

My career, like my upbringing, has been focused on fisheries. I have managed businesses and held several director positions in the seafood industry. In recent years, Atlantic Canada has been in short supply of workers and people. I wanted to become an immigration consultant to help people find a better life, and because I know that we need people for our region and our industries to thrive.

Why Chose Me?

You should choose me because I truly love what I do. Also, I have lived, and, worked all over Atlantic Canada and Quebec. I can provide advice about immigration, educational institutions, the economy, and our regional needs.

To Get Started, What do I Need From You?

Whether you are looking to come to Canada to work or study temporarily, or, whether you would like to become a permanent resident, you must communicate your goals. Immigration is not a simple process. You must think of it as building a step-by-step strategy for your future. Your education, your work experience, your language abilities, and, your ties to Canada are all very important factors in determining a plan that is right for you.

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